Why the studio is named ABRACADABRA:

As with poetry, ABRACADABRA’s savored as a magical word of transformative visual and incantatory power.

ABRACADABRA’s easily dismissed as nothing but babble, hokus-pokus and charm. So is poetry.

As with a poem’s composition, ABRACADABRA composes letters.

ABRACADABRA is sign or sound, as is poetry

ABRACADABRA exaults and suggests possibility. As does poetry, ABRACADABRA inspires and appreciates.

Written compositions of endless variety, poems can be concrete, representational, surreal, holy, erotic, memorial, narrative, jazzy, lyric, argumentative, nostalgic, imagistic, long, short, visual, cadenced, spoken, formal or wildly informal, and within each category’s restrictions emerge exceptions. Poems can be hard to pin down, and at ABRACADABRA that’s understood.

In making art out of words, poets confront and grapple with common problems. Entering ABRACADABRA Studio of Poetics one passes through a door hinged to swing between evocative, charged poles of language and into a space where poems are our common, magical, goal.

Why Conversations About Poetry?

Sustained dialogue between people dedicated to informed discussion focused on a common topic is a basic conversational beginning and purposeful affinity. Poetry is our commonality and what brings us together.

At ABRACADABRA Studio of Poetics we begin with dedicated discussion between folks who share a passion about writing poems. We explore, mull and fuss, seek to define ideas, sharpen practices, add information and understanding, thereby growing the discussion within a small group of committed writers. We add readings and sightings from all manner of sources, extend the conversation over a number of weeks and see where it goes.

As with a poem, a conversation about poetics can inspire varied understanding. Beyond its originating subject focus or theme, a useful conversation’s not dependent upon reaching a presumed point of agreement, critique or common understanding. It is more about the practice and energy of discussion itself.

ABRACADABRA “Conversations About Poetry” provide the Studio’s community with the information and space to create a knock-heads forum for discussion that encourages participants to reexamine poetry’s practice and usefulness, and perhaps the premises of their own poems.

During Spring 2014, ABRACADABRA’s conversation inquires into the visual poem, introducing a range of spatial and visual poetics as much about looking as about reading, considering facets of the page and idea of the page, and grappling with the eloquence of the visible word. In shaping the conversation we’ll move from pre-alphabetic petroglyphs, through scribal texts and print era’s typographic centuries and into today’s poetry, composed by code in a time of the digital transformation of print, language, reading and looking.